Microstructural Stability and Softening Resistance of a Novel Hot-Work Die Steel

Ningyu Du, Hongwei Liu, Paixian Fu, Hanghang Liu, Chen Sun, Yanfei Cao, Dianzhong Li
2020 Crystals  
A novel hot-work die steel, named 5Cr5Mo2, was designed to obtain superior thermal stability. The proposed alloy is evaluated in terms of its hardness, microstructure, and tempering kinetics. Compared with the commonly used H13 steel, the softening resistance of the designed steel is superior. Based on SEM and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations, a higher abundance of fine molybdenum carbides precipitate in 5Cr5Mo2 steel. Strikingly, the coarseness rate of the carbides is also
more » ... carbides is also relatively low during the tempering treatment. Moreover, owing to their pinning effect on dislocation slip, the dislocation density of the 5Cr5Mo2 steel decreases more slowly than that of the H13 steel. Furthermore, a mathematical softening model was successfully deduced and verified by analyzing the tempering kinetics. This model can be used to predict the hardness evolution of the die steels during the service period at high temperature.
doi:10.3390/cryst10040238 fatcat:zmzzw477vrgrtjlavfqhnjkixe