Rapid heating and cooling in two-dimensional Yukawa systems

Yan Feng, Bin Liu, J. Goree
2008 Physical Review E  
Simulations are reported to investigate solid superheating and liquid supercooling of two-dimensional (2D) systems with a Yukawa interparticle potential. Motivated by experiments where a dusty plasma is heated and then cooled suddenly, we track particle motion using a simulation with Langevin dynamics. Hysteresis is observed when the temperature is varied rapidly in a heating and cooling cycle. As in the experiment, transient solid superheating, but not liquid supercooling, is observed. Solid
more » ... s observed. Solid superheating, which is characterized by solid structure above the melting point, is found to be promoted by a higher rate of temperature increase.
doi:10.1103/physreve.78.026415 pmid:18850954 fatcat:f2r3cjvuk5hf5k5wozayzokhxm