Maneuver the Net: Lines of Information and Battle Command [report]

Kenneth E. Viall
2001 unpublished
Maneuver the Net: Lines of Information and Battle Command, by Major Kenneth E. Viall, 80 pages. This monograph sought to determine if Army transformation forces could integrate leadership and technology to achieve information superiority during maneuver in the land dimension. Leadership and technology could provide a synergy of application where each dimension supports the other in the friendly force component of information management and protection. Information and knowledge were examined in
more » ... elation to the concept of Network-Centric Warfare. Analysis examined whether transformation force leadership (battle command) could be expected to integrate technology with operational concepts to achieve information superiority with timely, accurate, and relevant information. Timeliness concerns the rapidity of information transmission and concerns the design of information systems with technology and human components. Accuracy represents the certainty inherent in each element of information based primarily on sources and presentation. Relevance provides a measure of the importance of each element of information based on contributions to knowledge during operations. The monograph determined that neither the technological dimension nor the leadership dimension of information alone provides sufficient timeliness, accuracy, and relevance to ensure information superiority for transformation forces during maneuver. However, the synergy of both have great potential for overcoming the complexity of information support to maneuver. iii
doi:10.21236/ada395749 fatcat:vrmfysqanrebtftx3kqcslxjoe