Case of double resection of the intestine for injury

R. Lane Joynt
1902 Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland  
Surgeon to the ~r Hospital. [Read in the Section of Surgery, May 9, 1902.] N. C., a youth, aged sixteen years, was brought to the YIeath Hospital at 7 p.m. on Nov. 13th, 1901. At the time of his admission he was very collapsed but conscious, and shortly after was able to give a very distinct account of the accident he had met with, and this tallied in every particular with that of a friend who was along with him, and of an onlooker. When riding his bicycle through the Coombe, returning from his
more » ... work as an engineer's apprentice, he took both hands off the handles of his machine to settle the lamp. He did not in consequence observe a van driving towards him ; his friend shouted to him to look out, and just at this moment, as he raised his head, his forehead was struck by the horse and the shaft of the van hit him in the abdomen. He was carried for a few yards on the shaft and then thrown by its rebound clear of the car, the wheel of which did not pass over him ; he was laid on the footpath by some men, and although dazed never lost consciousness. He stated that he only felt winded. The accident occurred about half-past six ; he was in hospital at seven o'clock, and was at once seen by the house surgeon, Dr. G. K. Bushe, who found him in a great state of collapse, pulse weak and thready, and about 70. There were no marks visible on any portion of him, but Dr. Bushe, realising the grave nature of the injury, immediately telephoned for me. He was seen by me twenty minutes later. By this time some reaction had set in; he became warmer and more able to talk, and vomited. There was no blood in the vomit, which was very scanty, owing to his hungry condition. The pulse became full, and was now 70; he complained of violent pains at times above the umbilicus; this at first occurred in paroxysms, but afterwards was more or less continuous. I made a complete examination of
doi:10.1007/bf03032966 fatcat:2cis2f6ob5fovmuiy4i4krtrty