Aleksandr Konstantinovich Matveev. An Onomatologist and Researcher of Ancient Language Contacts
Александр Константинович Матвеев. Ономатолог и исследователь древних языковых контактов

Tamara Matveeva, Valentin Lukianin
2015 Quaestio Rossica  
The article considers the personality and research activity of Aleksandr Konstantinovich Matveev (1926Matveev ( -2010, an outstanding Russian linguist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and professor of Ural State University (presently, Ural Federal University). Specializing in the study of proper names (onomatology), Professor Matveev argued that the class of geographical names was crucial for the reconstruction of ethno-historical data on the former distribution of
more » ... stribution of tribes and peoples in the vast territories of present-day Russia. Among his achievements is the development of principles and methods of onomastic research based on field material collected by means of frontal survey. With the view of collecting linguistic material, A. K. Matveev established the Toponymic Expedition of Ural University that explored a number of northern regions of European Russia as well as the Northern and Middle Urals. During a 50-year period, the expedition collected millions on onomastic and lexical units. The unique card files stored at the department established by him at Ural Federal University are used as a basis for theses and other research as well as dictionaries, and they are used to correct cartographic data. The central issue of the scholar's research was that of substrate in Russian toponymy. Together with his acolytes and colleagues, he searched for Finno-Ugric (Chud) and Merya language heritage in the Russian North, and Mansi loan words in the Northern Urals. The research material was analyzed with the help of a complex of methods (i. e. interlingual phonetic and other comparisons, the linguo-geographic method of cartographing and comparisons with data provided by related disciplines). Professor Matveev's findings and the find-
doi:10.15826/qr.2015.3.121 fatcat:vo6csad535fjxbkv7pa472u67q