Intelligent Search Lifecycle Architecture for Mass Media Using SOA

Naser El-Bathy, Clay Gloster, Ghassan Azar, Mohammed El-Bathy
2012 Architecture Research  
Mass communicat ion in general and mass media specifically confront rising challenges to collect information faster at lower cost. These challenges must be coordinated with organization's strategic, tactical, and operational needs via the align ment of Informat ion Technology (IT) with the business strategy. A successful IT strategic plan is based on four main p riorities. These are IT-Mass med ia alignment escalation, IT governance enhancement, IT significance imp rovement, and IT investments
more » ... rade. In this study, the IT strategic plan follows a timetable via a road map and is exposed to alteration based on the business process changes . The development o f IT strategic plan consists of five phases. These phases include the purpose of the plan, the business requirement, and the business requirements' validation. The phases also include the procedures needed for eliminating the gaps between the state of "to be" and the IT processes state, and the plan a pproval. The ult imate goal is a Modern Mass Media Industry. This paper provides an innovative solution to accomplish this goal by accelerat ing mass media processes time. The p rocess' time is accelerated via an Intelligent Search Lifecycle Arch itecture (ISLA ); which integrates Search Engine, Informat ion Ext raction, Informat ion Retrieval, Data Min ing and Data Warehouse using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The design methodology of the study of this solution is a post-positivist approach to empirical research. A prototype is created and examined in order to validate the concepts. The rest of this paper is structured as follow: Section two identifies the problem. Sect ion three presents the outcomes of our research. Section 4 defines research contribution to knowledge. Sections 5 and 6 outline research analysis and design, and finally the conclusion is given.
doi:10.5923/j.arch.20120204.01 fatcat:xlnqzu5dfbe3zcpczmnruqe2wi