"Bo to jest idealna praca dla mnie!" – motywy aktywizacji zawodowej kobiet poprzez agroturystykę

Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska
2020 Prace Geograficzne  
The subject of this study is the process of women's professional activation, which takes place as a result of undertaking agritourism activities on farms in rural areas of the Polish Carpathians. The main purpose of the article was to determine the motives of women to undertake professional activity in rural tourism. The study included a sample of 70 agritourism farms run or co-run by women in Carpathian rural tourist communes in the Lesser Poland (Małopolska) Voivodeship. Three groups of
more » ... ree groups of motives, which guided women while choosing their path of professional activation in agritourism, were distinguished. The basis for undertaking agritourism activities are expected economic benefits and factors arising from the spatial environment of farms such as local hospitality traditions, the level of tourism development, the presence of attractive values for leisure, the traditional village life, and the "internal" factors associated with household and agricultural resources. Equally important are the "individualistic" motifs of psychological and social nature -the need to contact other people or be "needed" in the family. The female professional activation in agritourism has not only an economic but also a social and cultural dimension.
doi:10.4467/20833113pg.20.004.12262 fatcat:md6a3wrymfajxaxrblxgfnnfzu