Brand loyalty explained by concept recall: recognizing the significance of the brand concept compared to features

Takumi Kato
2021 Journal of Marketing Analytics  
Consumers may be attracted to superficial functionality and design, but they may easily switch brands when another company's product/service with higher functionality and a more fashionable design appears. If consumers remain loyal to a brand, it is because they understand, sympathize with, and value the brand's concept. However, few studies have focused on brand concept as a factor of loyalty. Therefore, this study verified the influence of the brand concept on repurchase intention. Through
more » ... tiple regression analysis of Apple MacBook Pro, Dyson Big Ball, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, Starbucks, and Tokyo Disney Resort users in Japan, the first hypothesis-consumers who recall a brand concept are more likely to have repurchase intention than those who recall specific features when asked about brand attractiveness-was supported. Furthermore, Fisher's exact test supported a second hypothesis-consumers with high loyalty maintain high-level construal, even if they use a brand frequently and recall the concept as the brand's attractiveness, contrary to construal level theory. By introducing the viewpoint of brand loyalty, the conditions under which construal level theory does not conform were shown. The present study encourages reaffirmation of the importance of brand concept and suggests the concept recall index to effectively use management resources.
doi:10.1057/s41270-021-00115-w fatcat:gtf25bvyr5fjxi3m4qxqiy2lsu