The Smart Attendance Monitoring System

As an important part of class teaching, attendance plays a key role in the evaluation of teaching. At the beginning and end of class, it is usually checked by the teacher, but it may appear that miss someone or some students answer multiple times. To overcome this issue, the latest technology is used to detect the faces and recognize the faces using python programming. Face Detection is the bestsignificant topics of computer technology in machine learning application. This technology has been
more » ... ailable for some years now and is being used all over the world. In this paper, capturing the images of students from the database and faces are detected by the algorithm and then it is acknowledging with the database and at last, the attendance is recorded. For detecting faces Viola-Jones facial identification algorithm is used and for recognizing the faces from the databases(LBPH) Local Binary Patterns Histograms technique is used.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.k1013.09811s19 fatcat:xc67gswcu5hjxjdffgcs2ffhsq