Pharmacoepidemiological Analysis of the Use of Drugs in Elderly Patients With Hypertension at a Stationary Level
Фармакоэпидемиологический анализ применения лекарственных препаратов у пожилых пациентов с гипертонической болезнью на стационарном уровне

A. Satybaldieva, A. Sharaeva
2020 Bulletin of Science and Practice  
This article analyzes the frequency of prescribing drugs to elderly patients according to Beers criteria, who are in-patient treatment in the therapeutic department. 50 case histories of patients over 65 years of age over a three-month period were analyzed: from January to March 2019. The appointment sheets were analyzed using the Beers list to identify the destination of potentially not recommended drugs. According to the results of the study, it was revealed that on average 8±2 drugs were
more » ... cribed to one patient at a time, all drugs were prescribed under trade names, some of them were prescribed without indications for use. In 14 patients (28.4%), 25 non-recommended drugs were identified in different categories according to Beers criteria, where 13.6 potentially identified recommended drugs were detected in 13.6% of patients, and 5 potentially not recommended drugs were prescribed in 5.7% of patients, the use of which should be avoided in older people with certain diseases, and in 9.1% of patients 8 drugs were identified that should be used in older people with great care. All of the above allowed us to conclude that in the treatment of elderly patients, potentially not recommended medications are very often prescribed, because of which there is a risk of developing unwanted side reactions.
doi:10.33619/2414-2948/55/15 fatcat:pxbftqw5gjc77pw5de5i7a7qaa