Developing a software calculating fabric consumption of various bathrobe models

2018 Industria Textila  
Considering the customer requests and speed in the textile sector, very fast and accurate pricing should be done when the customers ask for very urgent prices for different styles. Customers often ask for sample pricing from apparel manufacturers. In this case, the garment manufacturer has to move quickly and accurately in determining the unit consumption of the garment. It is very important to know the correct fabric cost in pricing the garment to be produced. In general, the cost of fabric in
more » ... garments accounts for 60–70% of the total cost. Manufacturers take risks when pricing the garment with the approximate fabric consumption. Fabric consumption tolerance can be taken higher to be a benefit, but then the order may not be placed by the customer due to high price. In CAD systems, calculation of fabric consumption can not be done easily. In this research, the software has been developed to calculate the unit usage of a garment quickly. Bathrobemodels were selected as a material and the data of a factory that produces bathrobe was used. The results of the program, which is developed with the software, are compared with the experimental figures. As a result, it was possible to determine fabric consumption with a reliability of 98.2% in a very short time by using the developed system (R2 > 0.982).
doi:10.35530/it.069.05.1550 fatcat:ubhirjszc5cbjl6orvja6xf42q