Er-doped planar waveguides for power amplifier applications

J. I. Mackenzie, G. S. Murugan, A. W. Yu, J. B. Abshire, W. Andrew Clarkson, Ramesh Shori
2013 Solid State Lasers XXII: Technology and Devices  
New devices are required to provide effective tools for DIAL or LIDAR measurements from space, which will enable improved mapping of the concentration and distribution of CO 2 in our atmosphere. Here we present characteristics of Erdoped thin film waveguides, with an extended gain bandwidth, which are applicable to planar waveguide power amplifiers for wavelengths around the 1572 nm CO 2 absorption peaks. Planar waveguide films have been fabricated by sputtering of fluorophosphate and tellurite
more » ... phate and tellurite based glasses onto oxidised silicon wafers, and their properties characterized. The deposition parameters for undoped and Er,Yb-doped films have been assessed and studied, achieving losses of <1.5 dB/cm at 633 nm for the as deposited waveguides. A comparison between the two host materials is made and the potential performance discussed. *; phone +44 238059 4521, fax +44 238059 3142,
doi:10.1117/12.2004053 fatcat:ybi4pydsrnh6fbsfnqjobw7ggy