An eight-issue tree-VLIW processor for dynamic binary translation

K. Ebcioglu, J. Fritts, S. Kosonocky, M. Gschwind, E. Altman, K. Kailas, T. Bright
Proceedings International Conference on Computer Design. VLSI in Computers and Processors (Cat. No.98CB36273)  
Presented is an 8-issue tree-VLIW processor designed for efficient support of dynamic binary translation. This processor confronts two primary problems faced by VLIW architectures: binary compatibility and branch performance. Binary compatibility with existing architectures is achieved through dynamic binary translation which translates and schedules PowerPC instructions to take advantage of the available instruction level parallelism. Efficient branch performance is achieved through tree
more » ... ctions that support multi-way path and branch selection within a single VLIW instruction. The processor architecture is described, along with design details of the branch unit, pipeline, register file and memory hierarchy, for a 0.25 micron standard-cell design. Performance simulations show that the simplicity of a VLIW architecture allows a wide-issue processor to operate at high frequencies.
doi:10.1109/iccd.1998.727094 dblp:conf/iccd/EbciogluFKGAKB98 fatcat:pqscocshgjhslns26ceewwwztq