A Remarkable Angular Distribution of the Intermediate Subclass of Gamma‐Ray Bursts

Attila Meszaros, Zsolt Bagoly, Istvan Horvath, Lajos G. Balazs, Roland Vavrek
2000 Astrophysical Journal  
In the article a test is developed, which allows to test the null-hypothesis of the intrinsic randomness in the angular distribution of gamma-ray bursts collected at the Current BATSE Catalog. The method is a modified version of the well-known counts-in-cells test, and fully eliminates the non-uniform sky-exposure function of BATSE instrument. Applying this method to the case of all gamma-ray bursts no intrinsic non-randomness is found. The test also did not find intrinsic non-randomnesses for
more » ... he short and long gamma-ray bursts, respectively. On the other hand, using the method to the new intermediate subclass of gamma-ray bursts, the null-hypothesis of the intrinsic randomness for 181 intermediate gamma-ray bursts is rejected on the 96.4% confidence level. Taking 92 dimmer bursts from this subclass itself, we obtain the surprising result: This "dim" subclass of the intermediate subclass has an intrinsic non-randomness on the 99.3% confidence level. On the other hand, the 89 "bright" bursts show no intrinsic non-randomness.
doi:10.1086/309193 fatcat:iwoh57x3drhkdc2w6l4ewjfmtu