An International Study Evaluating Elemental Analysis [post]

Jason Dutton, Rupert Kuveke, Lachlan Barwise, Yara van Ingen, Nicholas Roberts, Kanika Vashisth, Saurabh Chitnis, Caleb Martin, Rebecca Melen
2022 unpublished
A statistical study on C, H, N elemental analysis for 5 small organic compounds at 18 independent service providers across multiple countries demonstrates variation in the returned results that is outside journal guidelines (0.4%) in greater than 10% of measurements for C and N while H analyses return a high proportion of results within guidelines. The results clearly indicate that a deviation of 0.4% is not a realistic journal requirement for synthetic samples with the variability attributed to random error in the data collection process.
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv-2022-k5xvx fatcat:cxctl6mrjfhppiwmpb6xzfvuca