A new approach to signature recognition using the fuzzy method

Przemysław Kudłacik, Piotr Porwik
2012 Pattern Analysis and Applications  
The paper presents a new fuzzy approach to off-line handwritten signature recognition. The solution is based on characteristic feature extraction. After finding signature's center of gravity a number of lines are drawn through it at different angles. Cross points of generated lines and signature sample, which are further grouped and sorted, are treated as the set of features. On the basis of such structures, obtained from a chosen number of learning samples, a fuzzy model is created, called the
more » ... fuzzy signature. During a verification phase the level of conformity of an input sample and the fuzzy signature is calculated. The extension in feature extraction as well as proposed fuzzy model has never been employed before. It needs to be emphasized that information stored within the verification system cannot be used to recreate the original signatures collected at the enrolment phase. The fact is particularly valuable for large databases and systems where storage safety is crucial. The solution is very flexible and allows the user to extend an intuitive structure of fuzzy sets by employing dynamic features, making the approach an on-line method. The results obtained should be still improved, similarly to the case of other known biometric systems related to signature recognition. However, the presented technique can be easily utilized in applications where FAR coefficient should be very low and is more important than FRR ratio.
doi:10.1007/s10044-012-0283-9 fatcat:6fuldtdmmnh6va6mqwp2dfowfe