Borexino: from the Sun to the Earth

2016 Proceedings of XVI International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes — PoS(NEUTEL2015)   unpublished
Borexino is a liquid scintillator detector primary designed to observe solar neutrinos. Thanks to the intrinsic radiopurity achieved in the scintillator, Borexino already measured the rate of neutrinos coming from the pp, pep, 7 Be and 8 B processes which take place inside the Sun. Due to its low background level as well as its position in Italy, a nuclear free country, Borexino is also sensitive to geo-neutrinos. Borexino is leading this interdisciplinary field of neutrino geoscience by
more » ... eoscience by studying electron antineutrinos which are emitted from the decay of radioactive isotopes present in the crust and the mantle of the Earth.
doi:10.22323/1.244.0082 fatcat:6bobncoqkvg77bewenimfefpj4