A Survey on Hadoop Technology to Develop Etl for Efficient Datawarehouse

M.Murali Krishna , B. Ramakantha R eddy, Y.K. Alluraiah
2013 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering  
The revolutionary internet and digital technologies have imposed a need to have a system to organize abundantly available digital images for easy categorization and retrieval. We determine relative importance of hue and intensity based on the saturation of an image with respect to the visual properties of the human eye. We effectively apply this method to the generation of a color histogram and use it for content based image retrieval applications. This paper presents the content based image
more » ... tent based image retrieval using features like color and texture. The texture and color features are extracted through wavelet transformation and color histogram and the combination of these features is robust to scaling and translation of objects in an image. The experimental results show that this method is more efficient than the traditional CBIR method based on the single visual feature and other methods combining color and texture. VII.CONCLUSION Automatic analysis and retrieval of images from a database is a challenging task. The difficulty arises from a number of issues, such as the complex mix of manmade and natural objects in an image. Most of the early studies on CBIR have used only a single feature among various color and texture features. However, it is hard to attain satisfactory retrieval results by using a single feature because, in general, an image contains various visual characteristics. This method provides a simple color based search in an image database for an input query image, using color and texture to give the images which are similar to the input image as the output. This experimental results show that the proposed method with DWT outperforms well when compared to normal histogram.
doi:10.15680/ijircce.2013.0105017 fatcat:4l74rqoxzzcnxjppkraaugnbhe