Orthodontics and adolescence, the keys to a successful therapeutic relationship: a discussion with Olivier REVOL

Philippe Amat, Sophie Carolus
2011 Journal of Dentofacial Anomalies and Orthodontics  
Dr. Olivier REVOL, a pediatric psychiatrist, is the chief of the Neuropsychiatric Service at Pierre-Wertheimer Neurological Hospital of Lyon. In practice for more than twenty years, Dr. Revol has been the director of a reference center for learning disorders for the last seven years. He has written two books 14,15 and many articles devoted to precocious intelligence, hyperactivity, and problems young people have adjusting to school for national and international publications.
doi:10.1051/odfen/2011105 fatcat:aedkx7z4hrd4lczkftfdfgituu