Throttle Valve Control using Regenerative Electromagnetic Suspensions

Rajat Bhat, Shubham Mahalank, Shubham Jain, Sridhar Kulkarni, B Bhoomaraddi
Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research   unpublished
This paper presents the idea of using the Electromagnetic Regenerative Suspensions to control the opening of throttle valve in the automobile and hence control the power output of the engine by taking the feedback from the EM (Electromagnetic) suspensions about its extent of movement and rate of movement. The Regenerative Suspensions also lessen the energy wastage of the fuel which otherwise is dissipated as vibrational energy and heat energy. The Regenerative suspensions contract and relax
more » ... nding upon the pressure applied on it and the extent of contraction and relaxation depends on the unevenness of the road, the more the road is uneven, more is the movement of the suspensions and vice versa. Thus the e.m.f. (electromotive force) is generated by the EM suspensions. The voltage generated is noted and depending upon those values, threshold and peak values are set and fed to microprocessor to control the throttle valve.