Öğretmen Perspektifinden Yazma ve Yazmanın Öğrenme Amaçlı Kullanımı: Ölçme Envanteri Geliştirme ve Durum Değerlendirmesi

2015 Elementary Education Online  
The aim of this study is to develop a measurement instrument to investigate science teachers' perceptions toward writing and the use of writing as learning strategies in their learning environments. Aligned with the focus of the study, a Likert-type survey was developed through the previously developed international scale adaptation and literature review process. Using quantitative methodology and descriptive research method, the scale was implemented to 131 science teachers working at public
more » ... hools in Erzurum, Turkey during 2011-2012 school year. The data was analyzed through descriptive statistics for each item in the survey. The findings of the study revealed that science teachers perceive writing as a learning tool. Indeed, they believe that writing serves as a learning tool both for themselves and for their students. Further results revealed that teachers are aware of the significance of the writing in the development of students' literacy skills. However, their in-class practices are limited in terms of implementing writing activities as a learning tool.
doi:10.17051/io.2015.60822 fatcat:fhuf2dnjcrchxlw4rzto6zbwje