TAFSIR LINGUISTIK (Studi atas Tafsir Ma'anil Qur'an Karya al-Farra')

Abdul Mustaqim
2019 QOF  
The article tries to elaborate the linguistic interpretation of the Qur'an in the Ma'a>nil Qur'a>n written by al-Farra'. The book is considered as the first codified book of qur'anic interpretation. By using historical approach and critical-analitical method, the writer concludes that the book Ma'a>nil Qur'a>n is one of qur'anic interpretation colored by linguistic perspective, because al-Farra', as a writer, was well known as linguist from Kufa, aspecially in arabic grammar (Nahwu) after
more » ... (Nahwu) after al-Kisa>'i. Al-Farra>' did not only interprete qur'anic verses to disclose the hidden meanings, but also made the interpretation of the Qur'an (tafsi>r) to justify and support the theory of Kufah's Nahwu.
doi:10.30762/qof.v3i1.722 fatcat:csfud2zcsrfhtknwjguyv2fuaq