The Role Of The Ieading Performance Of The College Councils In The Quality Of Higher Education

Khalid Hamad Amin Mirkhan, Shadan Sabah Ahmed
2018 Iraqi Administrative Sciences Journal  
The objective of the current research is to analyze the relation between the variable of leadership performance and its dimensions (independence, innovation, proactive, competition and risk competition) and the variable quality of higher education represented by its dimensions (strategy of higher education organizations, quality of faculty member, quality of curricula, Collectively and individually. The research was designed to raise several questions about the nature of the relationship and
more » ... relationship and the impact and the difference between the two variables of research, and was developed a hypothesis of the research consisting of five hypotheses President have been subjected to multiple tests and adopted the questionnaire method of data collection and analytical descriptive approach to describe the variables of research and their dimensions and analysis, Teaching in public and private universities in the city of Erbil and a sample was selected based on the scientific title and the years of university service amounted to (306) teaching, and after the distribution of questionnaire on the sample prepared (258) form valid for analysis, Through the application of SPSS V.20. The research found a number of conclusions, the most important of which is the existence of a significant relationship between the two research variables, the existence of a significant effect on the leading performance in the quality of higher education, the existence of a difference in terms of the effect of independent variable dimensions in the dependent variable in the investigated universities, . In the light of these conclusions, a number of proposals were put forward, the most important of which is the interest of the universities in assigning faculty members who have leadership qualities to qualify them for administrative and scientific positions in order to ensure the quality of higher education and follow- Neutralize and develop them
doi:10.33013/iqasj.v2n4y2018.pp255-305 fatcat:byipevec3ngsbcfp5sm3m7trke