The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, September 19, 1929] [article]

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Stale U&theqota If «• «ta ata fer ttMjod««9 Mr. MaA. ttoMT. Tielarlaw wbo bM toan ft tta tatar of bona*, eattle and ahaep Iran tbe Old Goostry and ft prantDaDt **Ma*tT-t>wwj» TIM antak woe wan fttlad mid tte cawpattta good. Be atroog-Ir wwunanaad tba eDdearoar to make the abeap fair bare a oantre tor the purebaae of good rama. Tba dliplay thle year, 1m aakl, abowad tfaatt tt waa the kctoal placa. Tba Vaaeonaar Inland Sbeap Fair, at It la known, baa now heccana ' aatoiilMinrt It la nm by the V.
more » ... . Fill tn-teii* AeaoriaUoii In ocaijuxieden wttb ttie aodaty and with the co-oparatten dt tte B. O. Sbeap Frotwo OMBibara of which. Dr. A. Kidgbt AdMr. A. MOrtan. ware pnaent. Tba loM aoraalttea raaponalUa tor tba hard waHc to ctTfinraOnn with tba aflbtr nniiaWiil of Oapt J. D. Ororaa. maldeiit. V. L TJL-. Oapt B. S. Bariday and Ur. B. Young, both Agrienltonl Society di rector and membara of tbw VXFJL Sbripaliltaa la Laad Bhropahlrea predominated, being more ***»" the ebow. <»wiw*M*hg grades. There waa quite a good ex hibit of Suflolka but only <nia exhibitor of Oxfords and two todhriduai Haznpahires. A Shropahire ram owned by Mr. T. K. Harrop waa grand champion to its dlTtslon and thb braetas' flock woo the cup for all breeda, to atroog Oradaa ware moito taqnwad to quality and there were more eMdblto. One of the chief objecta of the fair le to encourage grade breedera to tmprofe tttelr flockCi Higher qnabty waa parttonlazly notleeatale to the lamb olaasto. Tba digamme betwami ahaep pr •rly fitted tor the show and ttaoaa which «•» not waa vary endaot. aeon tteta the lattor might ba joet m good abaap. fitting was ahown to b) maiatBiBw wtanh^ to Ilia jtoT be T. I. special aAMt of three rams, oep aaeb of Stoopebbo, Suffolk and Oxford breede, wfaidi were eaey fine wrampW of tbetr raepeettfe breeda and a dlattoet Improrament on tbe rama pre-Tlooaly owned by the aamolatlen. The sheep popnlaUon of tbe district la slowly growing but abeep breedara point out that deretopment win be very limited as long as the-logged-ofi lands are left as they are at present, oorered with iftgginy trash and abso lutely uaelsaa tor aiv purpoee. Ram aalee were abt es nomerona as last year, but a few changed bands. An aOert Is being made to gather a Canoad'ot 60 rams from the'
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