Ohmic contacts to Hall sensors based on n-InSb–GaAs(i) heterostructure

N. S. Boltovets, State Enterprise Research Institute "Orion", Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics  
We consider ohmic contacts to the n-InSb epitaxial layers grown on a semiinsulating GaAs substrate. The ohmic contacts are formed through titanium metallization with subsequent gilding. Using the structural (AFM and XRD) and analytical (AES) techniques, we showed that thermal annealings at Т = 300 °С (for 60 s) and 360 °С (for 30 s) do not change the phase composition of the metallization. This ensures thermal stability of the contacts and Hall sensors made on the basis of Au-Ti-n-InSb-GaAs(i) structures.
doi:10.15407/spqeo9.02.058 fatcat:b2d5mdjugrfx3dp7zba467mz7m