Higher Spin String States Scattered from D-Particle in the Regge Regime and Factorized Ratios of Fixed Angle Scatterings

J.-C. Lee, Y. Mitsuka, Y. Yang
2011 Progress of theoretical physics  
We study scattering of higher spin closed string states at arbitrary mass levels from D-particle in the Regge regime. We extract the infinite ratios among high-energy amplitudes of different string states in the fixed angle regime from these Regge string scattering amplitudes. In this calculation, we have used an identity proved recently based on a signless Stirling number identity in combinatorial theory. The complete ratios calculated by this indirect method include a subset of ratios
more » ... t of ratios calculated previously by direct fixed angle calculation. Moreover, we discover that in spite of the non-factorizability of the closed string D-particle scattering amplitudes, the complete ratios derived for the fixed angle regime are found to be factorized. These ratios are consistent with the decoupling of high-energy zero norm states calculated previously.
doi:10.1143/ptp.126.397 fatcat:47gaoe7nczgh3meas5fw3rnaga