Heat Transfer Enhancement by Air Jet Impingement on Heat Sink #1

S Vasekar, P Khanwalkar, S Kore
2016 International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ) Special Issue Page   unpublished
The research is a fundamental investigation of heat transfer to an impinging air jet. Impinging jets are known method of achieving particularly high heat transfer coefficients and are therefore employed in many engineering applications. Impinging jets have attracted much research from the viewpoint of the fluid flow characteristics and their influence on heat transfer. The jet flow characteristics are highly complex and consequently the heat transfer from a surface subject to such a flow is
more » ... ly variable. Numerous jet configurations have been studied and numerous experimental parameters exists that influence both the fluid flow and the heat transfer. The overall objective of the current research project is to conduct an investigation of the heat transfer mechanisms for an impinging air jet for heat sink with pin fin and dimpled surface. The rapidly miniaturization of electronic components has resulted in need for thermal management in electronic products to increase their life. So thermoelectric cooling of equipments has been investigated and heat sink designs of electronic equipments using dimpled plate fin and pin fin has been compared with various parameters.