Analytical Methods in Quality Control of Scientific Publications

Ilia Brondz
2012 American Journal of Analytical Chemistry  
In a series of papers under the common title: "Analytical Methods in Quality Control of Scientific Publications," cases of undisputable breaches of publication ethics and breaches of acceptable rules in the publication of scientific information have been presented. Clear cases of fraud, falsification by some authors, and unqualified review of papers by reviewers and editors were presented in: and in the book Historical Overview of Chromatography and Related Techniques in Analysis of
more » ... Drug Primaquine (Editor, Ilia Brondz) Nova Science Publishers, Inc., (2011) ISSN 978-1-61761-944-1. Here, the corrupting influence of the pharmaceutical industry as a customer and employer of pseudoresearchers and corrupt editors and even to corrupt journal publishers for publication of fraudulent information and pseudoscientific data will be discussed by identifying the authors of pseudoscientific publications, the editors who gave the green light for the fraudulent publication, and the pharmaceutical companies involved. Documentation will be given to support the accusations of fabricated fraudulent "scientific" data, and the publication of such data without sufficient revision and sufficient background for publication of papers will be illustrated by discussing the content of papers: "Determination of Quinocide as Impurityin Primaquine Tablets by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis," Abdalla A. Elbashir et al.
doi:10.4236/ajac.2012.36058 fatcat:xfnfgqofyrbn3iqqtkjsy6bede