Shape-Biased Domain Generalization via Shock Graph Embeddings [article]

Maruthi Narayanan, Vickram Rajendran, Benjamin Kimia
2021 arXiv   pre-print
There is an emerging sense that the vulnerability of Image Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), i.e., sensitivity to image corruptions, perturbations, and adversarial attacks, is connected with Texture Bias. This relative lack of Shape Bias is also responsible for poor performance in Domain Generalization (DG). The inclusion of a role of shape alleviates these vulnerabilities and some approaches have achieved this by training on negative images, images endowed with edge maps, or images with
more » ... licting shape and texture information. This paper advocates an explicit and complete representation of shape using a classical computer vision approach, namely, representing the shape content of an image with the shock graph of its contour map. The resulting graph and its descriptor is a complete representation of contour content and is classified using recent Graph Neural Network (GNN) methods. The experimental results on three domain shift datasets, Colored MNIST, PACS, and VLCS demonstrate that even without using appearance the shape-based approach exceeds classical Image CNN based methods in domain generalization.
arXiv:2109.05671v1 fatcat:hza4tljxcbcvhn4zzpzxmda2b4