The politics of displacement-related land conflict in Yei River County, South Sudan

Peter Hakim Justin, Mathijs van Leeuwen
2016 The Journal of Modern African Studies  
ABSTRACTDrawing on empirical evidence from Yei River County in South Sudan, this paper argues that, rather than a temporary phenomenon, displacement may lead to a drastic reorganisation of land occupation and governance. Such reorganisation may become strongly connected to broader political contention. In the case of Yei, existing legal frameworks and institutions are inadequate to deal with land conflicts resulting from massive displacement and return. Crucially, historical grievances result
more » ... the displaced no longer being perceived as powerless victims, but as agents of a Dinka agenda to (re)occupy territories in Equatoria, and as perpetrators in land conflict. Such politics of land-control and identity may turn land disputes between displaced people and returnees into a major source of instability. At the same time, those displaced people who are not well-connected politically may lose their land rights.
doi:10.1017/s0022278x16000239 fatcat:tomeqazzoze3fdjvczenpx37pa