Socio-structural influences on the work participation of refugees: an exploratory systematic mixed studies review

Elias Mpofu, Carol Stevens, Herbert C. Biggs, Ebonee T. Johnson
2012 Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion  
This systematic mixed studies review aimed at synthesizing evidence from studies related to the influences on the work participation of people with refugee status (PWRS). The review focused on the role of proximal socio-structural barriers on work participation by PWRS while foregrounding related distal, intermediate, proximal, and meta-systemic influences. For the systematic search of the literature, we focused on databases that addressed work, well-being, and social policy in refugee
more » ... in refugee populations, including, Medline, CINAHL, PsycInfo, Web of Science, Scopus, and Sociological Abstracts. Of the studies reviewed, 16 of 39 met the inclusion criteria and were retained for the final analysis. We performed a narrative synthesis of the evidence on barriers to work participation by PWRS, interlinking clusters of barriers potent to their effects on work participation. Findings from the narrative synthesis suggest that proximal factors, those at point of entry to the labor market, influence work participation more directly than distal or intermediate factors. Distal and intermediate factors achieve their effects on work participation by PWRS primarily through meta-systemic interlinkages, including hostÁcountry documentation and refugee administration provisions.
doi:10.3402/vgi.v3i0.16066 fatcat:7wtlf5trybcmxfcqynk27oqvia