Emergent Gauge Bosons [report]

James Bjorken
2001 unpublished
The old idea that the photon is a Goldstone boson emergent from a spontaneously broken theory of interacting fermions is revisited. It is conjectured that the gaugepotential condensate has a vacuum expectation value which is very large, perhaps the GUT/Planck momentum scale, but that the magnitude of the effective potential which generates it is very small, so small that in the limit of vanishing cosmological constant it would vanish. In this way, the threat of unacceptably large observable,
more » ... arge observable, noncovariant residual effects is mitigated. The linkage of these ideas to other speculative ideas involving black holes and parametrizations of Standard-Model coupling constants is also described. Contributed to the 4th Workshop "What Comes beyond the Standard Model?"
doi:10.2172/798927 fatcat:6lckeoixb5asfdf2aochaxj2ve