A Column System with Articulated Joints and Elastically Embedded Diaphragms [dataset]

Daniel Makovicka Jiri Witzany
The spatial stability and controlled dynamic characteristics of an articulated precast column system are secured by thin-walled reinforced concrete diaphragms elastically embedded in some bays by means of special damping bearings. The intensity and the range of the load-bearing system's response to dynamic (e.g. seismic) effects and vibrations are achieved by the stiffness adjustment of damping bearings. The stiffness of damping bearings may also be adjusted during exploitation. The designed
more » ... ucture with an elastically embedded diaphragm has been exposed to dynamic testing whose results are presented in the article. Another significant characteristic of the precast structure is its dry assembly and potential disassembly and relocation to another site. The experimental and theoretic analyses performed have confirmed the assumptions for the system's application in areas with the occurrence of natural seismicity.
doi:10.14455/isec.res.2015.161 fatcat:djku3jcg6vcp7j5cociabod7pa