Stomal Complications in Children

Joong Jai Park, Joo Hong Lee, Jong Do Jung, Young Cheol Choi, Woo Shik Chung, Si Youl Jun
2002 Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons  
This is a 20 year analysis of the problems associated with enterostomy formation, and closure, Forty-three stomas were established in 43 patients: 23 for anorectal malformations, 11 for Hirschsprung's diseases, 4 for necrotizing enterocolitis, 3 for multiple ileal atresias , 1 for volvulus neonatorum with perforation, and 1 for diaphragmatic hernia with colon perforation, Thirty boys and 13 girls were included (mean age 4,8 months), Stoma complications were encountered in 13 patients (30,2 %):
more » ... tomal prolapse , stenosis, obstruction, paracolic hernia, retraction, dysfunction, and skin excoriation, Four patients (9,3 %) required stomal revision, Occurrence of complications was not related to age and primary disease, but sigmoid colostomy showed lower complication rate than transverse colostomy (20 ,0 % vs 42,9 %, p(0,05) , There were five deaths but, only one (2,3 %) was directly related to the enterostomy complication, Twenty-one stomas were closed in Qur hospital and complications occurred in seven patients (33,3 %), The most common complication was wound sepsis in 5 children, In conclusion, because the significant morbidity of stomal formation still exists, refinements of the surgical technique seem to be required, Sigmoid loop colostomy is preferred whenever possible, (J Kar Assoc Pediatr Surg 8(1):11 -15), 2002.
doi:10.13029/jkaps.2002.8.1.11 fatcat:ldt7mgonsnchhhocxopqzdupcy