Sun Peng Fei
2016 Science and Education  
51 teachers is a shaping methodical means and the basis for the studying of their piano performance culture. The mature state of future Music teachers' performing culture means the achievement of the high level of the performance skills, music and aesthetic, professional and creative, special and spiritual development of their personality. The piano performance culture is considered as an integral personal quality, which is characterized by the mature state of general and special culture
more » ... cial culture knowledge in the area of piano performance, as well as piano performance skills of the successful realization of artistic and pedagogical activity. It has been concluded that the structure of future Music teachers' piano performance culture consists of the following components: axiological, cognitive and linguistic, artistic and mental, activity and practical. The axiological component defines the conceptual essence of the piano performance activity and is characterized by its coherence with the system of special and personal values. Cognitive and linguistic component can be described by the maturity of professional and special music and interpretation knowledge acquired in the process of studying, understanding the conceptual and linguistic structure of piano compositions. Artistic and mental component is characterized by the individual and worldview potential of a student, and is manifested in professional personal orientation, the creation and understanding of the prospects of piano performance culture formation. Activity and practical component reflects the mechanisms of the acquisition of the piano performance culture. The paper is focused on the issue of forming artistic and semiotic competence of a music teacher in the context of music pedagogy. The main lines of research on this issue in contemporary music pedagogy have been determined. Specific qualities of music teacher's semiotic competence have been considered.
doi:10.24195/2414-4665-2016-6-11 fatcat:k7pcjestfzg67plcdcvn3ys25i