Study of Digital High-Precision Multi-star Simulator for Multi-Magnitude Output

Xinghua Gao, Xinji Gan, Yan Chen, Huiling Sun, Xiping Ma
2016 International Journal of Control and Automation  
A new type of high precision digital star simulator was designed for the requirement of the application. The star simulator is a device used to test and correct the defect and spatial resolution. For this device, a compact structure of mechanical and electrical integration was designed for the optical system of the star simulator. The new-type white light X Lamp LED was used as the light source and the constant current source control system based on PWM was applied to control luminance of the
more » ... luminance of the light, which makes it possible for the digital subdivision control between the light intensity of 640~1.0 lux. Compared with the halogen lamp, the weaknesses of large volume, high heat leak and low precision is avoided by using LED light source. As shown in the test, the result indicated that the star simulator designed in this paper was compact, reasonable and easy to control. The simulated apparent magnitude can be reached between 0 m~7m , and the spectral range can cover the whole visible light and the control precision can reach ±0.1 m . dynamic range of simulated apparent magnitude. In reality, the working mode of the combination of multi-light source star simulator is usually adopted to cover the simulated spectrum range, which not only expands the volume of the simulator, but also increases the difficulty of control and expense [11] [12] .
doi:10.14257/ijca.2016.9.9.25 fatcat:zuuydzwz6bhgjd2l6devgle4jq