Supramolecular Chemistry of Selective Anion Recognition for Anions of Environmental Relevance [report]

Kristin Bowman-James, George S Wilson, Bruce Moyer
2002 unpublished
RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: This project involves the design and synthesis of receptors for oxoanions of environmental importance and specifically those found in h igh level waste tanks. Polyammonium macrocycles as receptors and nitrate as anion were the focus of the first phase of this project. A second phase involved the synthesis of lipophilic amide-based receptors in order to increase the potential for obtaining workable receptors for both separations and sensing applications on site. A three tier
more » ... pproach was employed: I. Design, synthesis, and physical and structural characterization of receptors; II. Examination of the technique known as ITIES, Interface Between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions, as an analytical probe for anion analysis; and III. Investigation of dual ion pair extraction using lipophilic amide receptors for anion binding. More recent efforts in the renewal of this project are focusing on sulfate and new designs for receptors. These efforts will also have impact on low activity waste, for example in the vitrification process.
doi:10.2172/834752 fatcat:s7o3llwikjdurnwfjiucwubfkm