Simulation for Position Control of DC Motor using Fuzzy Logic

Bharat Bhushan, Pankaj Meena, Bharat Bhushan
2017 unpublished
The purpose of this project is to control the position of DC Motor by using Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) with MATLAB application. The scope includes the simulation and modeling of DC motor, fuzzy controller and conventional PID controller as benchmark to the performance of fuzzy system. The position control is an adaptation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system. [1] Fuzzy Logic control can play important role because knowledge based design rules can be easily implemented in the system with
more » ... in the system with unknown structure and it is going to be popular since the control design strategy is simple and practical. This make FLC an alternative method to the conventional PID control method used in nonlinear industrial system. The results obtained from FLC are compared with PID control for the dynamic response of the closed loop system. Overall performance show that FLC perform better than PID controller.