A Comprehensive Study on Blue Eyes Technology Consuming Non-Natural Intellect

R. Priyadharsini, R. V Harini, Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The world of science and technology has improved a lot in many areas. It is developed like ocean in many fields. Many developments prove that how a human brain can think in many aspects of development. The scientist had a thought of after inventing Google assistant, that if goggle assistant can make makes job easy without typing in goggle related applications and can control the calls with our voice in device .This created a huge impact in technology and society .So this made many scientist to
more » ... hink that when we invent a device or application which can sense the users mind by facial recognition, speech etc. So, it would create a friendly environment to system users. Then they also thought if a system can detect a human brain and respond the answer to the user how it will be that was the question running over minds of many scientist. Then later they invented a technology called BLUE EYES TECHNOLOGY. These blue eyes technology can detect the human feelings through a device. It can detect a feeling by eyes, speech recognition, it can also understand our mood and feelings. It can also react to our commands given by the user. This technology created a boom in which human can collaborated to systems. This sensing technology in blue eyes can extract the key information from the user. The reason for the success of this blue eye's technology is that the computer senses the human's feelings.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is030048 fatcat:sm6siqhlsnayfi4j77fi2yzro4