Enhanced expression of fibronectin by cmd/cmd chondrocytes and its modulation by exogenously added proteoglycan

T Tsukahara, M Okamura, S Suzuki, H Iwata, T Miura, K Kimata
1991 Journal of Cell Science  
Cartilage matrix deficiency (cmd/cmd) in mice is a genetic disorder associated with the failure of chondrocytes to synthesize the core protein of cartilage proteoglycan monomer (cartilage-PG). Immunohistochemical and biochemical analyses revealed enhanced accumulation of fibronectin in culture of cmd/cmd chondrocytes as well as in mutant cartilage tissue in vivo. Purified cartilage-PG, when added exogenously to a culture of cmd/cmd chondrocytes, caused a reduction in abnormal accumulation of
more » ... accumulation of fibronectin over several subsequent days of culturing. Using a fibronectin cDNA probe, we showed that, on the basis of total RNA, the fibronectin mRNA level was four or eight times higher in cmd/cmd chondrocytes than in the normal. The level of fibronectin mRNA in cmd/cmd cells was lowered by culturing the cells in the presence of added cartilage-PG. These findings suggest that the abnormal accumulation of fibronectin in the mutant cell culture is primarily due to elevation of fibronectin mRNA level, and that cartilage-PG in the extracellular matrix may affect the regulation of fibronectin biosynthesis at the steady-state level of mRNA.
pmid:1757493 fatcat:uouas3a5zfephnqkkfugackcvm