Numerical simulation of car crash analysis based on distributed computational environment

Tao Sun, Jian Liu, I-fan Shen, Yunsheng Ma
Fifth International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 2002. Proceedings.  
Automobile CAE Software is mainly used to assess the performance quality of vehicles. As the automobile is a product of technology -intensive complexity, its design analysis involves a broad range of CAE simulation technique. An integrate CAE solution of automobiles can include comfort analysis (vibration and noise analysis), safety analysis (car body collision analysis), process-cycle analysis, structural analysis, fatigue analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, test analysis, material data
more » ... terial data information system and system integration. We put an emphasis on simulation of a whole automobile collision process, which will bring a breakthrough to the techniques of CAE simulation based on high performance computing. In addition, we carry out simulation for a finite-element car model in a distributed computation environment and accomplish coding-and-programming of DAYN3D is accomplished. We also provide computational examples and user handbook. Our research collects almost ten numerical automobile models such as Honda, Ford and etc. Moreover, we also deal with different computational scales for the same auto model and some numerical model of air bag is included. Based on the numerical auto model, referring to different physical parameters and work conditions of auto model, we can control physical parameters for the numerical bump simulation and analyze the work condition. The result of our attempt conduces to the development of new auto models.
doi:10.1109/icapp.2002.1173597 fatcat:vspuvn4l4jdl7jmpqds25j6zb4