Redes sociais, ciberativismo e grupos marginalizados: reconhecimento do campo a partir da teoria Folkcomunicacional

Betania Maciel
2017 Revista Internacional de Folkcomunicação  
To broaden the scope of Folkcommunication studies in the age of technology mediated information is our research manifesto premise, based upon recognizing emerging and subordinate cultures manifestations and the performance agents that give visibility to them through social networks and thus imprint their influence upon social groups and mold social behavior. Therefore, by identifying marginalized groups organized by cyber activism, we explore the conceptual foundations of the contemporary
more » ... contemporary debate on intersubjectivity, social memory, identity, gender, sexuality, cultural diversity, "social imagery", language and discourse with special focus in decoloniality theories that may be interpreted by means of Folkcomunnication, understood as a mediator between mass communication and popular cultures. By exploring this field, we also delineate some guiding premises for interdisciplinary research, necessary to fully comprehend these phenomena. The representation expressed in social networks, the freedom of expression and the wide flow of information, despite of the hegemonic culture reactions, signal with an augmented visibility on behalf of these groups.
doi:10.5212/RIF.v.15.i35.0001 doaj:c5ade74f0fd74b35a3e6cdcde396f79a fatcat:r64uffig5bejjftnwbyh5qg3am