Using XCS as a Prediction Engine in Data Compression

Mohsen Sharifi, Amir Aavani, Shahab Tasharrofi
2007 Proceedings on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE2007)   unpublished
XCS has been used in several fields as a prediction engine before; its population based nature enables XCS to generate sets of properly pruned classification rules. Further, unlike other population based algorithms, it learns using rewards. These properties encouraged us to use it as a predictor engine for lossless data compression. In the compression context, XCS can be used to find the hidden relations in files of the same type. So, we used it as a preprocessor before an entropy encoder, to
more » ... move the existing correlations between file's bits or symbols. Removing correlations causes entropy encoders to achieve higher rates of compression. The results support this conclusion.
doi:10.2991/iske.2007.112 fatcat:o2hxuanwlbccbnp5wdip5xgaxq