Subhash Singh, Shiv Kumar Singh, Narendra Singh
2013 International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences   unpublished
The incidence of aplastic anemia (AA) is on the rise in India. A very high incidence rates are reported from Uttar-Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi/NCR states, where approximately 80-100 new cases on / million population diagnosed annually and die. There is no cure of the disease at present. In spite of the progress in the science of medicine the understanding of AA condition is still not complete. Although the knowledge has expanded considerably but effective management of AA in general is still on
more » ... eral is still on unresolved mystery to the scientists. So many formulations are available in the literatures of ancient India and Ayurveda for the management of anemia. A 12 year old Indian male child (28 kg), known case of severe aplastic anemia (SAA) was recommended fresh juice of Tinospora cordifolia, Azadirachta indica and Emblica officinalis for 18 months along with detoxification and supportive measures. The patient is fully recovered from SAA with almost normal count. He did not receive blood transfusion since last two years. Last time, the case was transfused 1 unit whole blood on dated 21 st April 2011. He has the sustained hemoglobin in increasing order, now. Blood investigation carried out recently on dated March 8 th 2013 shows Hb 9.4 gm/dL (Ref. value 10.7-15.0), total leukocyte count 5.9x10 9 /L (Ref. value 4.5-13.5), platelet count 1.72 x10 9 /L (Ref. value 1.5-4.5) and total RBC count is 3.35 x10 9 /L (Ref. value 4.1-5.3). Definite improvement in eye sight of the patient has been observed. Height is reported to increase by 5 inches. The body weight observed to increase by 12 kg. Change in the color of hairs of patient noticed. The results of the study indicate that Tinospora cordifolia, Azadirachta indica and Emblica officinalis is to be effective in the management of SAA. Drugs have the potential to cure the disease. These are available in natural form everywhere in India free of cost or on nominal payment.