Homology and morphology in Poduromorpha (Hexapoda, Collembola)

Cyrille A. D'HAESE
2003 European Journal of Entomology  
The detailed external morphology and general anatomy of the majority of families and subfamilies of Poduromorpha were investigated and compared. This examination was done in relation to the three remaining orders of Collembola: Entomobryomorpha, Symphypleona and Neelipleona. Within Poduromorpha, homologies among the different families and subfamilies are established for general chaetotaxy, and chaeotaxy of head, buccal cone, sensilla of fourth antennal segment, anal valves and tibiotarsus. A
more » ... sistent and comprehensive nomenclature is proposed for these morphological features unifying those applied in scattered existing studies. Observations on first instars are reported. Comparison of first instars and adult chaetotaxy suggests a possible paedomorphic trend in the evolution of Poduromorpha.
doi:10.14411/eje.2003.060 fatcat:77pntqtp55carms4lif3ny6e74