Modularity-Based Incremental Label Propagation Algorithm for Community Detection

Yunlong Ma, Yukai Zhao, Jingwei Wang, Min Liu, Weiming Shen, Yumin Ma
2020 Applied Sciences  
Label Propagation Algorithm (LPA) is a fast community detection algorithm. However, since each node is randomly assigned a different label at first, there is serious randomness in the label updating process of LPA, resulting in great instability of detection results. This paper proposes a modularity-based incremental LPA (MILPA) to address this problem. Unlike LPA, MILPA first assigns all nodes the same label, and then repeatedly uses divide strategy to split locally dense connected nodes into
more » ... nnected nodes into a community and give them a new label. After that, MILPA uses modularity gain as the optimization function to fine-tune the label of nodes so as to obtain an optimal partition. The proposed MILPA has been compared with LPA and other known methods. Experimental results show that MILPA has the best and most stable performance in LFR benchmark networks and is comparable to the best algorithm in many real networks.
doi:10.3390/app10124060 fatcat:4iocmyn5xnehxbn7u6rbrqyufm