Enhanced Manufacturing Execution System "MES" Through a Smart Vision System [chapter]

Chawki El Zant, Quentin Charrier, Khaled Benfriha, Patrick Le Men
2021 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering  
AbstractThe level of industrial performance is a vital issue for any company wishing to develop and acquire more market share. This article presents a novel approach to integrate intelligent visual inspection into "MES" control systems in order to gain performance. The idea is to adapt an intelligent image processing system via in-situ cameras to monitor the production system. The images are thus analyzed in real time via machine learning interpreting the visualized scene and interacting with
more » ... me features of the MES system, such as maintenance, quality control, security, operations, etc. This novel technological brick, combined with the flexibility of production, contributes to optimizing the system in terms of autonomy and responsiveness to detect anomalies, already encountered, or even new ones. This smart visual inspection system is considered as a Cyber Physical System CPS brick integrated to the manufacturing system which will be considered an edge computing node in the final architecture of the platform. This smart CPS represents the 1st level of calculation and analysis in real time due to embedded intelligence. Cloud computing will be a perspective for us, which will represent the 2nd level of computation, in deferred time, in order to analyze the new anomalies encountered and identify potential solutions to integrate into MES. Ultimately, this approach strengthens the robustness of the control systems and increases the overall performance of industrial production.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-70566-4_52 fatcat:o7nj7qrmqzhnfaeqydlrktpada