Consistency conditions and trace anomalies in six dimensions

F Bastianelli, G Cuoghi, L Nocetti
2001 Classical and quantum gravity  
Conformally invariant quantum field theories develop trace anomalies when defined on curved backgrounds. We study again the problem of identifying all possible trace anomalies in d=6 by studying the consistency conditions to derive their 10 independent solutions. It is known that only 4 of these solutions represent true anomalies, classified as one type A anomaly, given by the topological Euler density, and three type B anomalies, made up by three independent Weyl invariants. However, we also
more » ... esent the explicit expressions of the remaining 6 trivial anomalies, namely those that can be obtained by the Weyl variation of local functionals. The knowledge of the latter is in general necessary to disentangle the universal coefficients of the type A and B anomalies from calculations performed on concrete models.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/18/5/303 fatcat:jvtjivrtnbbq7kkg7oz2jqgily