The Processes of Transculturation, Literary Practices and Global Context

Padmakar Shobha, Shinde
Migration which is set in motion by modernization and the economic forces of globalisation has currently reached a new magnitude and intensity. The multidirectional migratory flows involve the processes of modification, adaption and constructions of hybrid identities. As a consequence of the displacement and dislocation the migrant writers negotiate, intervene and make attempts to assimilate in the adopted lands. Dwelling amidst the "here" and "there", playing the roles of "insiders"
more » ... nsiders" "outsiders", these writers give expression to the identity crisis, the sense of loss, personal dilemmas, and a perpetual nostalgia for the home land. These writers use their creative urges to resist as well as negotiate with the hegemonic forces in the process of transculturation. The meaning of language, home, memory, marginalisation take new connotations in the context of the interaction between two separate cultural systems and opposing social forces.