Adaptive Region Construction for Efficient Use of Radio Propagation Maps

Vinay B. Ramakrishnaiah, Suresh S. Muknahallipatna, Robert F. Kubichek
2017 Journal of Computer and Communications  
The efficient construction of contours of a radio propagation map is crucial in using radio propagation maps in a number of real-time communication and network applications. In this research work, we first propose an adaptive region construction (ARC) technique capable of constructing contours of different resolutions of a radio propagation map. Next, the process of implementing the ARC technique for real-time execution on a GPU is presented. The drawbacks of the first implementation using only
more » ... entation using only the global memory are discussed, and optimization techniques to improve the performance are discussed and implemented. Simulations are performed with varying sizes of radio propagation maps, and the suitability of the ARC technique for real-time operation is presented. A speedup of 25× is achieved with the shared version of the GPU compared to the sequential CPU implementation. Also, the contour constructed using the ARC technique is compared to that constructed using the convex hull approach demonstrating the higher accuracy of the contour from the ARC technique.
doi:10.4236/jcc.2017.58003 fatcat:zbnkirrzyjdnhabjv33woeto3y